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ASG - The Amplification of Self Gratification - CD
VOL 09337
With a sound influenced by such bands as Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Jane’s’ Addiction and In Flames, combined with their pure passion and intense live energy ASG is like a blow to the head that leaves your eardrums ringing and keeps you coming back for more.

The trio formed following the break-up of local Wrightsville Beach punk band the Urethra Franklins when Andy Ellis (bass) and Scott Key (drums) teamed up with guitarist Jason Shi. Together they created a perfect fusion of classic rock n’ roll, punk and metal to create a sound you definitely wouldn’t expect to come from 3 local surfers. “If we had to classify it… we’d just say we play loud..” “We’re definitely not emo”.

Track Listing:
01 Painted Hatred
02 Southern Lord
03 Species American
04 Once vs. Again
05 Yawn
06 Silence to Burn
07 One Less Crutch
08 Crosses
09 The Pillage and the Plunder
10 Cowboys and Indians

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