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Birds Of Avalon - Uncanny Valley - CD
Having spent the better part of the past two years on the road with the likes of The Racontuers, The Flaming Lips, Black Mountain and Ted Leo, BIRDS OF AVALON are no strangers to the sense of unsettlement that accompanies the constant traveler. BIRDS OF AVALON explore this concept of confusion with Uncanny Valley, by layering psychedelic dissonance atop lyrical themes of fugitives in the computer age, underground-dwelling children replaced by doppelgangers, and sensations of unreality.

Track Listing
01 Unkaany Valley
02 Side Two
03 I Never Knew
04 Your Downtime Is Up
05 Dadcage
06 Eyesore
07 Student Teaching
08 Spirit Lawyer
09 Last Rites (Funky Slide)
10 Peregrinations
11 Micro-Infinity

Also available on 180 Gram Vinyl
04 Your Downtime Is Up - 6 Mb