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I hopped on a jet plane at 6am and flew out headed due west from Volcom headquarters, to a chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific known as Hawaii...just feeling the air and smelling the smells when I got off the plane gave me goosebumps...there is no place like those islands...

After running down to the beach and getting the worlds best and most expensive pina coladas, it was time to meet up with the family at the store, and we instantly went into show mode as there was lots to do to get ready for Sabo's live performance that evening. The phone rang off the hook with eager fans hoping to catch the performance, one couple showed up at 8am in the morning and waited all day!

Seeing the dudes again was all time, I never get to see the Pepper posse enough these days. It felt just like old times as we ran around town, got a security escort removal from of the hotel, and laughed really hard at all our own jokes. Things had gone around full circle once again.

After the PA was set up and the room stocked with drinks and sushi, the store filled with fans and it was on! Check out the video below for a special live song and a behind the scenes look into the gig.

Big Thanks to Sabo for playing their first ever show inside the Volcom Store, and big Thanks to the Volcom Store crew for their hospitality and endless killer vibes! -MarkG

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