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The Goons of Doom are currently on their East Coast tour, but sadly without their mate, Killerwhale. Killer was recently diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (an extremely rare form of Cancer affecting the nasal cavity area). But we've got great news to share today! Killer's operation (a 17-hour ordeal) went extremely well and we were over-the-moon stoked to receive this update from the man himself:

"They let me out of hospital today yee haaa! That was by far heaviest week of my life - way worse than I thought, but I smashed it and now I'm back home in full recovery mode.

…So even though I look like I've been hit by a tractor, I'm feelin heaps better than a couple of days ago - especially being home with my beautiful wife lookin after me. Me me me me, blah blah blah. Oh yeah, and I've got a blow hole in my neck that I breathed out of that makes weird fart sounds but its slowly closing up.



Get well soon, Killer!

You can donate and read an interview with Killerwhale here.

And you can purchase a digital music compilation (with all proceeds going to the cause) here:

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